Discover a Topic. Meet People. Learn Stuff.

Troika's mission is to empower people

to share and create new knowledge with each other. We want to remove common obstacles that usually prohibit this. We want to encourage people to recognize their own abilities, skills and knowledge.

Troika is a hassle-free coordinator and organizer

for peer learning. Whether you want to share knowledge or receive it, Troika offers a platform where people can arrange peer learning events and spread the word of the event to other people interested in the topic.

Troika's focus is on in-person meetings

of three or more people. A "troika" means "of three". When three people get together at a Troika event, the organized Troika is considered a great success!

Three easy steps: Discover a Topic. Meet People. Learn Stuff.

  1. Discover a Topic. Browse topics people have suggested as Troika events. Join a Troika that interests you either as a learner, participant or even lead. You are of course also welcome to create your own Troika. Give your Troika event a title, a description, language and select your role in the Troika. If you want, you can also suggest a time and a place and set the maximum number of participants in the Troika. After the Troika is created, you can invite people to join your Troika on the Troika page, or just take a rest and wait for people to discover your Troika!
  2. Meet People. When you and two other people have found each other in a Troika event, you will receive email from us containing the email addresses of the three of you. If all the details were given by the Troika creator, the Troika is now activated. If not, this is the time to agree on the remaining details and then add that information to the Troika event by pressing "Edit Troika" on the Troika page. After that other people will be able to join your Troika, limited of course by the maximum number of participants you have specified.
  3. Learn Stuff. Enjoy your Troika event and learn things from each other! Finally remember to spread the word about your Troika event for others to be encouraged and set up more Troikas to share their knowledge.

Troika is the brain child of Olli Parviainen, Petro Poutanen, Salla Laaksonen and Timo Tiuraniemi who also developed this site.

Troika website is open source software developed under Affero GNU Public Licence v3. Get the source code here.

Development of Troika is supported by Verkostoanatomia and Filosofian Akatemia.

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